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“Sandias en movimiento” original acrylic on wood by Gabrielle Roa


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The painting titled “Sandias En Movimiento” by Gabriela Roa is an expressive piece that captures the dynamic essence of watermelons in motion. The vibrant use of reds and greens on a wood medium provides a textural contrast, enhancing the artwork’s visual impact. This work could be categorized under expressionism due to its emotive depiction of a simple subject through bold strokes and intensified colors, which evoke a sense of movement and liveliness.

Gabriela Roa, an artist hailing from Central Mexico, utilizes a diverse range of techniques and mediums to bring her visions to life, offering viewers a glimpse into her creative world that is both authentic and imaginative. For potential buyers, it’s not just a painting but a slice of the artist’s bold perspective, a conversation piece that would add a burst of energy to any space it adorns!

Weight1 kg
Dimensions100 × 80 × 3.5 cm

Acrylic on wood