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“Millet Homage” colored pencils by Gabriela Roa, framed


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This work captures the essence of nature with a delicacy reminiscent of Millet’s style. Roa shows us a trio of birds perched and in flight around a tree stump, a motif that evokes the serenity of the countryside. The artist uses a soft palette to detail the textures of the stump and the soft feathers of the birds, achieving a realism that almost allows you to hear the murmur of the wind among the grasses. Refined technique and balanced composition make this piece a visual meditation on wildlife, and its place in the larger tapestry of the natural world. It would make a serene and thoughtful addition to any collection that values ​​artistic representation of rural life and wildlife. Silver frame included.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions35 × 26 × 2 cm


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