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Side view of Suyeun "Last Embers" framed acrylic original artwork
Another side view of Suyeun's "Last Embers" framed acrylic original artwork

“Last Embers” Original Acrylic Painting by Suyeun, Framed in Flat Gold


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Embrace the essence of “Last Embers,” an original acrylic painting by Suyeun, framed elegantly in flat gold. This piece mesmerizes with a heart overflowing with rich, vivid botanicals set against a complex background of abstract forms and subtle script. Artistically depicts the crucial moment of turning potential burnout into a fiery rebirth of passion and dreams. Its rich, symbolic imagery invites viewers to embrace their inner vitality and transform challenges into opportunities. If you do not engage in the process of transforming thoughts into energy, they can instead burn your heart and reduce your hopes to a handful of ashes.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions106.5 × 81.1 × 3 cm