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Sideview of "Her Calm Waters" original painting by Suyeun Lee

“Her Calm Waters” original acrylic painting by Suyeun

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Immerse yourself in “Her Calm Waters,” a poignant piece by Suyeun that captures the tranquil essence of reflection. The artwork features a woman immersed in thought, enveloped by the gentle embrace of calming waters, rendered in vibrant acrylics on canvas. This unique painting stands as a testament to the artist’s profound ability to channel serenity and strength through her brushstrokes, presenting a visual sanctuary for those who seek solace and empowerment. Own this original, 1-of-1 window into a world where tranquility is a treasure held within, perfect for any collector or space that values introspection and the serene power of the feminine spirit.

Dimensions80 × 90 × 1.5 cm